Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Bountiful Iris Folding Sale!!

If you will recall, (as mentioned in my previous post) my latest area of artistic exploration has been in the increasingly popular area of Iris Folding. Now, in addition to using this technique to create fun, unique and interesting ACEOs, I decided to expand my use of this paper based art form to include the creation of fun, unique and interesting Greeting Cards.

Iris Folding Holiday Card by harvestormThe first card that I decided to make was that of an Evergreen Tree that I thought would make a nice Holiday Greeting Card for someone who would truly appreciate the sentiment of a one-of-a-kind greeting card that was lovingly and carefully handcrafted by a real-life person (and not mass produced by some machine owned by the large and impersonal greeting-card industry and its conglomerates).

Many thanks to Etsian, corkjl, who found this card of mine on Etsy and purchased it from my shop, harvestorm creations. In an e-mail message from corkjl, she wrote to me: "I absolutely love the card--so beautiful, so unusual."

It warms my heart to know that this card I made was not only liked enough by someone else to purchase it, but that it will be going out to an individual or family carrying the greetings and warm holiday wishes of corkjl, who thinks enough of that person or family to send them a wholly unique and handcrafted work of art to brighten their holiday season and welcome in the upcoming new year!


readingsully2 said...

I am glad you are enjoying doing the Iris Folding that I introduced to you.

This one is very nice.

ami said...

Nice BLOG.................................................