Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Bountiful Iris Folding Sale!!

If you will recall, (as mentioned in my previous post) my latest area of artistic exploration has been in the increasingly popular area of Iris Folding. Now, in addition to using this technique to create fun, unique and interesting ACEOs, I decided to expand my use of this paper based art form to include the creation of fun, unique and interesting Greeting Cards.

Iris Folding Holiday Card by harvestormThe first card that I decided to make was that of an Evergreen Tree that I thought would make a nice Holiday Greeting Card for someone who would truly appreciate the sentiment of a one-of-a-kind greeting card that was lovingly and carefully handcrafted by a real-life person (and not mass produced by some machine owned by the large and impersonal greeting-card industry and its conglomerates).

Many thanks to Etsian, corkjl, who found this card of mine on Etsy and purchased it from my shop, harvestorm creations. In an e-mail message from corkjl, she wrote to me: "I absolutely love the card--so beautiful, so unusual."

It warms my heart to know that this card I made was not only liked enough by someone else to purchase it, but that it will be going out to an individual or family carrying the greetings and warm holiday wishes of corkjl, who thinks enough of that person or family to send them a wholly unique and handcrafted work of art to brighten their holiday season and welcome in the upcoming new year!

Monday, November 24, 2008

"Butterfly By Night"

I want to take a moment to give a thankful shout-out to Etsian, readingsully2, who introduced me (and a number of the other "ACEO Bounty" Challenge Artists) to the increasingly popular art form of Iris Folding.

So, what exactly is Iris Folding, you ask? According to Squidoo, the technique of Iris folding originated in Holland. Using this technique, color coordinated strips of folded paper are taped into place over a pattern, creating a spiralling design that resembles the iris of an eye or camera. Originally, Dutch crafters would cut their strips from envelopes with patterned interiors, but now it is common to use lightweight papers including those used for origami to create iris folded designs.

The ACEO I am featuring here is titled, "Butterfly By Night," and was my first attempt at creating an Iris Folding piece. The title for this miniature work of art came about from the fact that I was having such a great time creating this piece that I actually continued the work I had been doing all day with it straight on through the entirety of the following night!

Butterfly By Night by harvestormTo create the Iris Folding design that forms the wings of this butterfly, I used scrapbook paper (three different patterns) comprised of various browns, pinks, red, and white. The body and antennae were made by creatively looping and knotting a couple of pieces of soft black wire.

The butterfly itself is surrounded by a piece of maroon colored acid-free card stock that I embellished with a glittery pink gel pen which, due to its metallic properties, sparkles and shines in some lights (as in the photo above) and is more matte-looking in others (as in the photo below).

Butterfly By Night by harvestormTo add further textural and visual interest to this piece, I stamped a crackle pattern around the butterfly using black archival pigment ink and then finished the piece by inking an outline around the butterfly wings and the outer edges of the card as well.

I have initialed this one-of-a-kind 2.5" x 3.5" work of art on the front, and have signed, titled and dated it on the back. It is currently available in my Etsy Shop, harvestorm creations, and is currently priced at $10.00 (USD).

The texture and depth that you see and feel when handling this carefully crafted Iris Folded ACEO (or any other Iris Folded work of art, for that matter) is the very best part of such a piece. And believe you me when I say that it is extremely challenging to capture these qualities in a mere photographic image. When seen in person, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised and even more impressed with this carefully and creatively crafted collectible work of art.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

More Bountiful Sales!!!

Many thanks to a brand new Etsian, Kornos, who just graced my Etsy Shop, harvestorm creations, with two more Bountiful Sales!!

I am happy to say that Kornos was able to take advantage of my new and improved "Bountiful Sale." She got a great 20% discount on one of the ACEOs she purchased and, in addition, since one of the items she purchased was an "ACEO Bounty" listing, she received Free Shipping on her entire order as well!

Ruby Wages by harvestormEducated Woman by harvestorm

These two Limited Edition ACEO Prints, titled "Ruby Wages" and "Educated Woman" will soon find themselves in their new home with Kornos.

So, once again, Kornos, thank you ... and welcome to Etsy!!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bountiful Sale 2.0

I just finished updating my Etsy Shop to reflect the new promotion I am running as a participant in the Bountiful Sale. Whoo-hoo!!

The "Bountiful Sale" is an Etsy-wide Sale Event being put on by some of the artists involved in the "ACEO Bounty" Challenge.

As a participant in this "Bountiful Sale," I am currently offering 20%-50% Off + Free Shipping on a great number of items at harvestorm creations.

Many of these items, whose prices have been adjusted to reflect their "Bountiful Sale" discounts, can be found in the SALE SALE SALE section of my shop.

All of my "ACEO Bounty" listings are being offered with Free Shipping and, in addition, if you have a multiple item purchase that includes any of my "ACEO Bounty" listings, you will receive Free Shipping on your Entire Order!!!

Don't forget to do an Etsy search for "Bountiful Sale" to find additional sales on items from the talented artists of the "ACEO Bounty" Challenge!

And, for more information about the "Bountiful Sale" and a list of participating shops, please take a moment to visit the Bountiful Sale Blog. :-)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Award Winning Artist Sue Taylor

And now for some more Bountiful Goodness that I received as part of my September Mini ACEO Bounty prize!!!

The two amazingly creative and colorful ACEOs that I am featuring here today were created by gallery represented and award winning Artist Sue Taylor.

This first piece is titled, "Papillion," and was created by Sue in response to an "ACEO Bounty" Challenge to create a ACEO with a Butterfly theme.

Papillion by artistsuetaylorThis beautifully rich and vibrantly colorful work of art is an absolute delight to behold. Its smooth and creamy texture and the pureness of the carefully placed white highlights is like candy for the eyes!!

Raven and Otter by artistsuetaylorThe second card that I received from Sue was inspired by an "ACEO Bounty" Challenge to create a ACEO on the theme of "Otters and Ravens." It is an original Prismacolor pencil drawing done on watercolor paper.

I just love seeing this unlikely pair floating along together, maxin' and relaxin' in a sea of beautiful blue. It's like a wonderfully welcome breath of fresh air for my mind!!

According to her Etsy Profile, Sue Taylor began painting six years ago and hasn't put her brush down since! Some of her favorite materials include Prismacolor pencils, acrylics, oils and pastels.

Sue says that it was in September of 2007 that she discovered and began drawing ACEO's. She goes on to say that her ideas are overflowing and that she can barely finish one before she has three more planned in her head!

Each of the cards I received from Sue were accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity along with some additional information about this very talented and award winning artist.

In reading these enclosures I learned that Sue won Best of Show at the Nebraskaland Days Competitive Art Show in 2007 and 2005. Additional awards won at that show include People's Choose in 2007, and the Nebraskaland Days Award, which she won in 2007, 2003, and two in 2005. At the North Platte Art Guild Show she won Popular Choice in 2008, 2007 and 2005.

She has also received Merit Awards that went on to compete at ANAC State Competition, two in 2008, 2007 and one in 2006 along with Honorable Mentions in 2006 and 2005. In 2007, both of her State entries were chosen to travel the State for a year. In addition, the ANAC Gwen McKenzie Fellowship Award was bestowed upon her in 2007.

Sue invites you to join her on her journey through the creative passages in her mind and to view her newest works in her Etsy Shop, artistsuetaylor.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Butterfly By Night" Gets Featured...

"Butterfly By Night" is my latest ACEO and is available for purchase in my Etsy Shop, harvestorm creations. This carefully crafted 3D work of art is currently featured in a Treasury created by Etsian, Always Artistic.

This Treasury is a marvelous showcase of some of the items included in the "Bountiful Sale" that a number of participants in the "ACEO Bounty" Challenge are currently running on Etsy.

The Treasury (pictured below) is titled, "Sales Sales and More Sales."

If you would like to check out "Butterfly By Night" and the other items featured in this Treasury, just click here. But be sure to do so before Saturday afternoon, when this Treasury expires and is sent off into the ether!!!

And, be sure to search Etsy for "Bountiful Sale" to find more than 300 items that are currently on sale from the artisans of the "ACEO Bounty" Challenge!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blockhead Rod And His "Potty Mouth"

I received a message yesterday from Rod G, (aka Blockhead Rod of Blockhead Radio), informing me that "Snippets From My Brain" has been featured on "A Blog On Etsy Blogs," a site that features blogs run by Etsians and Etsy Teams.

Blockhead Rod is an artisan who says that he "loves Etsy and what it stands for." You can find Rod's surreal, unnatural, and outsider block prints and sculptures online at The Artisans Shoppe.

Potty Mouth by Blockhead RodAll of Rod's block prints are carved from lino blocks and printed on acid free handmade paper and all of his sculptures are sculpted by hand. He uses no forms.

This piece by Rod is titled, "Potty Mouth" and is one of my favorites. In the item description, the caption for this completely hand formed sculpture reads:

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? Why yes I do, but I don't slip her the tongue anymore.

"Potty Mouth" is signed, dated and numbered 1/1. It measures 4" by 3 1/2" (not including wire) and was made with das clay, gourd, acrylic paint, and wire. It is priced at $49.00 and will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail for $5.00.

Check out this and other of Rod's works at The Artisans Shoppe. There you will find five new listings every day from a fine selection of 30 very talented artisans.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

3D Art From KathyMartinStudio

Believe it or not, I still have not finished showcasing all of the wonderful items I won in the September Mini ACEO Bounty!! Today I am pleased to feature these two wholly unique and very Zen-like ACEOs created by Kathy Martin of KathyMartinStudio.

Many of Kathy's paintings are created using a six-step three-dimensional process that she has spent many years perfecting through trial and error. She says it has taken her a few years to perfect the process, and she is now having lots of fun with it! The vast majority of her paintings have been base coated in 24-karat gold. Some are embellished with 18-karat gold leaf, silver leaf, or copper leaf.

Sunset Fall Tree by KathyMartinStudioThis first piece that I received from KathyMartinStudio is titled, "Sunset Fall Tree," and is part of a series of what Kathy calls "Tandem Art."

The background was created by Dolores Raml of CraftydsCreations using ink, gel medium, and masking tape. Kathy received the background from Dolores and added her style to it to form a unique painting created by two artists.

It is interesting to note that this painting was started in South Dakota and finished in Nevada ... and it now resides with me here in Ohio!!!

Green Zen Dragonfly by KathyMartinStudioThis second piece is titled, "Green Zen Dragonfly," and is a wonderful example of Kathy's six-step three-dimensional process mentioned above.

This 3D, highly textured work of art was painted with 24-karat gold paint that was then made to look antique. The vines were treated in copper leaf, and the dragonfly was treated in 18-karat gold leaf.

According to her Etsy Profile, Kathy is an artist, musician (she plays the saxophone), composer, and teacher who lives in Las Vegas, NV. She has lived in ten different states all over the country and moved to Las Vegas two years ago to start a new career as a 3rd grade teacher. In two years she plans to switch to teaching middle school band ... and she can't wait!

Kathy says that she always tries to find the positive things in life and that she loves to make people laugh and smile. She invites everyone to visit her blog, Kathy Martin Studio, where you'll find posts about teaching and songs for teachers, her music and art work, and her crazy life in general.

Friday, November 7, 2008

My First Bountiful Sales!!!

Many thanks to Etsy Artist, Lazyhawk, who just graced my Etsy Shop, harvestorm creations, with its first Bountiful Sales!!

I am happy to say that Lazyhawk was able to take advantage of the 20% discount on everything at harvestorm creations. In addition, as part of the sale, she received Free Shipping on her order as well.

These ACEOs, titled "Pumpkin Fairy" and "Holiday Toasts" are now on their merry little way to Lazyhawk.
Pumpkin Fairy by harvestormHoliday Toasts by harvestorm

It's nice to know that these ACEOs are going to the home of such a talented artist and to someone whom I know shares my appreciation for these tiny, collectible works of art!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from 1 November 2008

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  • This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

  • This blog abides by word of mouth marketing standards. I believe in honesty of relationship, opinion and identity.

  • As the owner of this blog, I am sometimes compensated to provide my opinion on certain products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though I receive compensation for some of my posts or advertisements, I always give my honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products.

  • The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.
To get your own policy, go to

"Drawing Down The Moon" Gets Featured...

My Goodness my Goddess! I received notification yesterday that my 9in x 12in Original Painting, "Drawing Down the Moon," is currently featured in an Etsy Treasury created by Etsian, MoonLitCreations, showcasing items from members of the Pagans of Etsy Street Team (POEST) honoring the Mother Goddess.

It is truly an honor to have "Drawing Down the Moon" included in such a diverse collection of Goddesses! The Treasury (pictured below) is titled, "Mother Earth."

To find more items from POEST Members, please visit our Etsy shop, PagansOfEtsy, or search Etsy for "PaganTeam" to find member items in their individual shops.

Bountiful Sale!!!

Some of the Etsy artists from the "ACEO Bounty" Challenge have decided to get together and have what we are calling a “Bountiful Sale.”

I am pleased to announce that, as a participant in this “Bountiful Sale,” I am currently offering a 20% discount on everything at harvestorm creations. To be sure, you will receive an additional 20% off the item prices as they currently appear in my shop.

In addition, if your purchase happens to include any of my "ACEO Bounty" listings, you will receive FREE SHIPPING on your entire order. Please wait for your adjusted invoice to arrive before submitting payment.

Be sure to do search Etsy for “Bountiful Sale” to see all of the wonderful items on sale from the talented artists of the "ACEO Bounty" Challenge!

Here are just some of the deals you will find in these participating shops:

For more current and up to date information about the "Bountiful Sale" please visit:

Friday, October 31, 2008

No Trick! Just a Super-Duper Treat!

I just received a message from Etsian, daiseedeb, that harvestorm creations has been featured today on her blog, thinkyummythoughts. What a treat!

She chose to feature my "Pumpkin Fairy" ACEO ... a very timely selection!!

Be sure to check out daiseedeb on Etsy and visit her blog for lots of positively yummy thoughts and fantastically fun features!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Frozen Dreams" Gets Featured...

Just one day after posting my newest ACEO, "Frozen Dreams", to my Etsy Shop, harvestorm creations, I was very pleasantly surprised to see that it was already featured in an Etsy Treasury created by Etsian, GulfCoastCottagePDF.

The Treasury (pictured below) is titled, "I dream of..."

I am honored to have "Frozen Dreams" included in such a spectacular collection of artistic works! I have discovered a number of new artists in this Treasury and have added a number of them to my Favorites!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fun And Whimsical Pinkglitterfae Art

With Halloween only two days away, my husband and I have been watching any and every horror movie we can find on the télé! Therefore, I was super delighted to open this awesome ACEO from pinkglitterfae that I received as part of my September ACEO Mini Bounty win.

This fun and whimsical ACEO is titled, "Faerie," and was created by Betty, the artist behind pinkglitterfae, in response to an ACEO Bounty Challenge to paint 'movies'.

Faerie by pinkglitterfaeIn the item description, Betty says that she created this piece as a spoof of one of her favorite horror movies 'Carrie'.

She also says that this ACEO "would make a great gift for someone with a warped sense of humor."

Well, I just love this card, so I guess, as the saying goes: If the shoe fits.... ;-)

I am a long-time admirer of the art created by pinkglitterfae and am so very excited to finally have one of her pieces in my personal ACEO collection!

According to her Etsy Profile, Betty is a mostly self-taught artist from Canada who tends towards whimsical art, fantasy, folk art, angels and mermaids. She says that she has taken classes over the years in order to keep growing, but found that the best thing for her was to try and find her own style.

Betty has a fun and creatively inspiring blog, Pinkglitterfae Art, where you can go to see/read about her latest artistic endeavors and happenings in her life. You will also find some interesting personal information about this wonderfully talented artist such as a list of her Favorite Books and Movies, which include:

  • Artists Way ~ Julia Cameron
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV Series
  • Mists of Avalon ~ Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Northern Exposure DVD
  • Pride and Prejudice ~ Jane Austen
  • Quantum Success ~ Sandra Anne Taylor
  • The Jane Austen Book Club
  • Touched by an Angel DVD
  • Water for Elephants ~ Sara Gruen
To see more art by pinkglitterfae, I encourage you to check out her EBSQ Artist Portfolio Gallery or her online Flickr Gallery. And, as pinkglitterfae says in her Etsy Shop Announcement, "make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy your visit."

Monday, October 20, 2008

Art By The "Lazyhawk" Marlene Hawkins

Getting back to my fun-filled showcasing of the goodies I received as the winner of the September ACEO Mini Bounty, I am very pleased to present these three ACEOs that I received from Marlene Hawkins, the artist behind the works available in the Etsy shop, Lazyhawk.

Abstract Spring by LazyhawkThis first card is an acrylic painting that Marlene created in response to an ACEO Bounty Challenge to make a card featuring a "Spring Abstract."

I'm not exactly sure what kind of material Marlene painted this beautiful abstract on, but I can honestly say that, by far, this is the sturdiest ACEO I have ever received!

Mermaid Watching the Northern Lights by LazyhawkThe second card that I received from Lazyhawk is an original watercolor painting that was created in response to an ACEO Bounty Challenge to create a card featuring a "Mermaid Watching the Northern Lights."

Know that the picture of this card does not do this wonderful work of art justice at all!

Marlene used green and blue metallic inks on the mermaid's tail and in the water to give these areas fabulously placed highlights and dimension - you just can't see these special touches very well in the picture.

Eye-Pod by LazyhawkThis third card titled, "Eye-Pod," was listed in response to an ACEO Bounty Challenge to create a card using a "Play On Words" and I just love it!!!

Marlene mounted this print of one of her original watercolor paintings onto rigid foam board so that it arrived ready for me to frame or display in any number of creative ways.

According to Lazyhawk's Profile, artist Marlene Hawkins is a proud member of the Designing Artist Women's Group (DAWG). She loves to create art, make craft projects, and also loves to make jewelry.

She is a self-taught artist and has had no formal training since the art classes she took in High School. Her favorite materials include acrylics, watercolors, ink, and colored pencils.

Finally, I just want to make you aware of how Marlene takes the art at Lazyhawk to the next level. She makes cards and magnets from her works and will even personalize these for you upon request.

If you have a favorite subject in mind and do not find what you are looking for in Lazyhawk's Shop, Marlene invites you to contact her and let her know. She welcomes the opportunity to see what she can do for you!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween/Samhain Sale From The Pagans Of Etsy!!!

In honor of Halloween and Samhain, the Pagans of Etsy are having a sale! Over 25 shops are offering you discounts and freebies until October 31st in celebration of this very pagan kind of holiday.

Please search Etsy for the term "PaganHalloween" to find promotion items or simply click here!

As a proud member of the Pagans of Etsy Street Team (POEST) I am happy to celebrate Samhain and Halloween by offering a 10% discount on everything in my shop from now thru October 31st.

Additional sales and specials being offered by other POEST members during this time include the following:

  • AthenasDisciple is running a sale with 15% off of everything in her shop thru October 31st.

  • CobaltQuilter is offering 15% off any items in her shop tagged paganhalloween.

  • DragonRags will have 20% off all items from October 27th thru November 2nd.

  • DragonsMoon is offering free shipping for addresses in the US. For those residing outside of the USA, she is offering 15% off all items in her shop. In addition, Tarot Readings are currently 31% off. Plus, she has also promised to include a Freebie with any purchase.

  • ElysianFields is offering free shipping to buyers in the USA.

  • FollowTheRedBrickRd is offering 10% off any purchase and 15% off purchases of more than 3 items. As an added bonus, you will receive free shipping in the US for purchases totalling over $20, and for everywhere else, free shipping is available for purchases totalling over $30.

  • GreenWomanCrafts has all of her Halloween items on sale and is also offering free shipping to customers that purchase multiple items.

  • GypsySkies has 20% off of all items in her shop.

  • Hattielicious is running a 15% off everything sale from October 18th thru October 28th.

  • HowlingCaterpillars has 20% off all Halloween items from now thru Nov 2nd.

  • JansBeads has free shipping on all items and will be including a surprise gift with each order. This offer also applies to her other shop, janissupplies, as well.

  • LavenderDragonHerbs is running a sale including such specials as: buy any 25 pk Incense and get a 4 stick sample pk free; buy any 1 Tea and get 1 extra ounce free; buy 1 Dog or Cat Sachet and get 1 free; buy a set of Moth Sachets and get 1 extra Sachet free; 25% off all Gift Baskets; 15% off all Tinctures; and 10% off all other items in her shop. In addition, each purchase will also earn you an entry in her shop's monthly $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway.

  • ltafrank will have a 10% off everything sale from the 25th to the 31st of October.

  • LWaite has more than half of her items marked $2 - $6 off.

  • MagicalAlchemy is offering free shipping on all herbs.

  • MagickMermaid has a 10% off total purchase sale in her shop.

  • Merigreenleaf has 15% off all Halloween/Autumn items.

  • NascarWitch31 has 15% off all jewelry until October 31st.

  • Nefaeria has $5 off of Haindl Rune Oracle readings.

  • ShadeSongs has 20% off all items in her Halloween Section.

  • StarryDance has 10% off everything in her shop.

  • SusanSee is offering 20% off of everything in her shop.

  • TheBirchTree has a number of items on sale thru October 31st located in the Halloween Mega Sale section of her shop.

  • TheMoonlitSea is offering 10% off everything in her shop.

  • Tunrida has reduced the price of her Oracle Runes to $20 thru October 31st.

  • Vidia2be has 10% off everything in her shop and will include a free gift with any purchase.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

"Pablola" Gets Featured...

While clicking and commenting my way through some of the Etsy Treasuries last night, I was delightfully surprised to discover that one of my ACEOs, "Pablola," was featured in a Treasury created by Etsian, PHANTOMHEART11.

The Treasury (pictured below) is titled, "Say Hello to My Little Friend".

Etsy Treasury by PHANTOMHEART11

I feel very honored to have one of my works featured in a Treasury full of such wonderfully awesome, colorful and creatively captivating pieces - including a couple from two of my favorite Etsy Artists, GalleryJuana and Kitty107.

Always Artistic ... The Name Says It All

As I am still continuing on with my Mini ACEO Bounty Blog Bonanza, I wish to share with you today the six (yes, count 'em ... six) ACEOs I received from Etsy Artist alwaysartistic.

According to her Etsy Profile, Pam (aka alwaysartistic) lives in Southern Alberta, Canada and sells framed and unframed prints, as well as greeting cards both locally and around the USA. She says she is an amateur photographer who has always loved taking pictures and that she has gotten more into it in the last few years ... and am I glad that she has!

Techno Birdhouse by alwaysartisticThis first ACEO, titled "Techno Birdhouse," was created by Pam in response to an "ACEO Bounty" Challenge on "Where Birds Live." I just love the post-production altered effect of this image.

And, while slightly off topic, (since this is not an ACEO), I nonetheless want to share with you another wonderful piece by alwaysartistic that I was thrilled to acquire back in May of this year.

Aging Tulip by alwaysartisticIt is titled, "Aging Tulip," and is a 5"x5" print of a photo taken by Pam through the viewfinder of a Kodak Duaflex camera using her Canon Rebel XTi camera.

Can you see now why I am so very glad that Pam is pursuing her love of photography? I love what her works allow me to see!! :-)

A Knight... by alwaysartisticThis next piece that I received from Pam as part of my Mini ACEO Bounty win is titled, "A Knight..." and was created by her in response to a Challenge that I actually initiated on the subject of "Arthurian Legend."

So, as you might expect, I was very pleased to learn that this card was to be included in my winnings. Whoo-hoo for me!!

Four Seasons by alwaysartisticFinally, Pam was generous enough to include a set of four ACEOs as part of the Mini ACEO Bounty. This set was created in response to a Challenge to depict The Four Seasons.

Pam is a proud member of the group, Photographers of Etsy, and was also a Featured Etsy Seller in the Blog of ara133photograph. To view more of Pam's photography, please visit her website, Photography by Pam.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Snitterdog and The Greene Fairy's Adventures in Pookie Town

To be clear, Snitterdog, The Greene Fairy and Pookie Town are all Etsy Shops maintained by a wonderfully talented and, I must say, quite witty and humorous woman named Kerry who currently lives in Savannah, Georgia.

According to Kerry:
  • Snitterdog is the place to find unusual, funky artwork
  • The Greene Fairy is a shop with nature inspired treasures and handmade cards
  • Pookie Town is a fun little place for casual, friendly jewelry
Now, when someone takes the time that Kerry clearly took to package these fantabulous goodies that I won as part of the September Mini ACEO Bounty, I cannot let that go without comment. Tucked nicely into a Super Strong Moisture Resistant Scotch Mailer were three individually wrapped/packaged items along with a copy of my invoice and a lovely, hand-written, personal note from the Artist herself.

Sea Shell in Blue by thegreenefairyThis first ACEO is from The Greene Fairy, and is titled, "Sea Shell in Blue." It was listed by Kerry in response to an ACEO Bounty Challenge to create a work of art on the subject of "Beach Scenes."

One of the aspects of visual mediums of artistic expression that I find most fascinating is the way that various interpretations can exist side-by-side for any singular piece or series of works. For example, in addition to seeing a sea shell in this ACEO, I also see the figure of a woman relaxing while surrounded by a beautiful, soothing blue aura!!!

ACEO Mat for a 5 x 7 Frame by snitterdogFrom Snitterdog, another of Kerry's shops, I received this awesome ACEO Mat for a 5 x 7 Frame. This was shipped with a foam core support behind it and slipped carefully into a clear protective cellophane sleeve.

Now, let me tell you, the quality of this Mat is second to none!! The edges are slightly angled, or beveled, if I am thinking correctly here. And it is thick, sturdy and perfectly pristine white.

Teabagging Elisabeth Hasselbeck by snitterdogAnother item I received from Snitterdog was this ACEO titled, "Teabagging Elisabeth Hasselbeck." And, exactly as was promised in the item description, it arrived in "protective, perky, obnoxious packaging."

It was wrapped in bright fuchsia tissue paper and secured with a straw-like ribbon wrapped all-ways around the card. The ACEO was mounted with acid-free artist's tape onto a cleanly cut piece of foam core and sealed in a clear cellophane sleeve to protect it from being bent or damaged in any way during the shipping process.

Kerry says that, "Teabagging Elisabeth Hasselbeck" was inspired by an ACEO Bounty Challenge on the subject of "balls." I absolutely love it!!! (And see? I told you she was quite witty and humorous!!)

According to The Green Fairy's Etsy Profile, Kerry is "into painting, drawing, recycling, and cheese" and in Snitterdog's Etsy Profile, she states that she's "into painting, drawing, debauchery, bacon, and doggies."

She also says that she is "fond of Wisconsin winters, dry humor, tequila, and pop culture of the 1980's." When asked, "Why?," she claims that it is because she is "very much a dork" and she goes on to blame her weirdness on the fact that "she is from Wisconsin."

For a great read and to learn more about and follow along with "Snitterdog and The Greene Fairy's Adventures in Pookie Town", (by the way, I made that title up, so don't hold it against Kerry if you don't like it ... her humor is better than that!) be sure to check out Snitterdog's Blog.

And if you are looking for a real visual treat, take some time to browse the contents of Snitterdog's Flickr Site as well.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Backroom Treasures From A Stone Cottage Studio

Over the past few days, my mailbox has been bursting with ACEOs arriving from my recent Mini ACEO Bounty win and I am having a most wonderful time featuring these cards (and the fabulous Artists who created them) here on my blog!

The two cards I am featuring today come from Judy in Jonesborough, Tennessee. Judy is the curator of two shops on Etsy, Backroom Treasures and Stone Cottage Studio.

Autumn Pumpkins by backroomtreasuresThe first card shown here is titled, "Autumn Pumpkins," and it comes from Judy's shop, Backroom Treasures. I was delighted to receive this piece because Autumn is my favorite time of year and I really feel that these pumpkins capture the feeling of the season very well!

Let's Paint by StoneCottageStudioI was also lucky enough receive this ACEO, titled, "Let's Paint," from Judy's other Etsy shop, Stone Cottage Studio. I think this piece is just too cute! This girl's going to be my new little creative motivator! Who could say no to eyes like that?!?! Surely not me!!

Judy has been painting for about 15 years and, according to her Stone Cottage Studio Profile, she is an acrylic artist who sometimes dabbles in watercolors and oils. She even creates colored pencil drawings on occasion. In addition, Judy is a member of the Watauga Valley Art League and her local chapter of the National Association of Decorative Artists in Kingsport, Tennessee as well.

Judy donates 100% of the sales from her Autism Prints along with 10% of the sales from most of her other items to the Autism Society of America. She also donates to the Etsy for Animals 'Charity of the Month' from the sales of her cat and dog items.

To learn more about Judy, her art and her life, be sure to check out her blog at

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wait A Minute Mister Postman...

Hey Mister Postman ... look and see. Is there an Art Card in your bag for me?

Indeed there is! And not just one ... but three!!! Today's mail brought these wonderful and very thoughtfully packaged ACEOs from Etsy Artist, tapestry316.

Aslan by tapestry316Kathleen (aka tapestry316) created "Aslan" in response to an "ACEO Bounty" Challenge to create an ACEO with your favorite character. She says she loves the Narnia stories ... and that "if you haven't read them - by all means, do!"

The Pink Place by tapestry316She created "The Pink Place" in response to a Challenge she initiated to "paint your favorite local landmark." Kathleen lives in Paulden, AZ, and she decided to paint their landmark.

According to the description of this piece, "The Pink Place is a gas station and a small store, and it is where the town started. The original family that settled here lived in this location and the first post office was here, too. It is still, by the way, the only landmark in very rural Paulden, AZ!"

Rain for Simangele by tapestry316I was especially touched by the story behind this ACEO, titled, "Rain for Simangele."

Kathleen made this card in response to a Challenge to create an ACEO for "a good cause - something that tugs at your heartstrings."

In the description for this very special ACEO, Kathleen writes:

Simangele lives in Swaziland, Africa, where there is a drought, a famine and AIDS claims the lives of too many people. Against all these odds, Simangele wants to grow up to be a doctor. Growing up will be hard, though – and her single mother, who is a school teacher, will have a difficult time helping Simangele go to school to be a doctor.

Kathleen says that she mailed the original of this ACEO to Simangele, with a little personal message to her on the back of it. She is donating all of the proceeds from the sales of this print to World Vision to help children like Simangele all over the world.

If you sponsor a child through either World Vision or Compassion International and you would like tapestry316 to do something like this for your child, please contact her through her Etsy shop. She will paint an original ACEO dedicated to your child and sell the prints to raise money for either World Vision or Compassion International (your choice).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Filling The World With Moments

A Quiet Moment by WorldOfMomentsToday I received not just one, but four ACEOs from Etsy Artist WorldOfMoments as part of my September ACEO Mini Bounty win.

These very special ACEOs (in order of appearance here) are titled, "A Quiet Moment", "Super Whinny", "Buddha Belly", and "Fight, Live, Win."

Super Whinny by WorldOfMomentsFrom her Etsy Profile, we learn that the Artist behind the works available at WorldofMoments is Mel, a mother of "three wonderful children."

Two of her children are on the autism spectrum, as is she.

Buddha Belly by WorldOfMomentsAccording to Mel, her store came about "out of daily painting therapy sessions with her two boys to help with sensory issues, ADHD, and imagination building."

She says that she wanted to share the beauty she saw in what they did, and share her own works as well. I find this sentiment to be a very good fit with the WorldOfMoments tagline, "Filling The World With Moments."

Furthermore, ten percent of the sales from each item sold at WorldOfMoments directly benefits The Dockery Foundation in Olive Branch, MS. From time to time, the full proceeds from some items are donated as well.

Fight, Live, Win by WorldOfMomentsMel is a proud member of Etsy for Autism and the ACEsty Team ...

... and now, I am the proud owner of these four fabulous cards from a fabulous Artist an undoubtedly fabulous mother!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Art Cards Are Coming ... The Art Cards Are Coming!!!

Today began what is sure to be a wonderful and exciting time for me and my mailbox as the first of the ACEOs that I won in the September Mini Bounty arrived.

Eastern Goddess by LDphotographyThis beautiful ACEO by LDphotography is titled "Eastern Goddess." I have always admired LDphotography's photography ACEOs. She has an extraordinary eye!!! Her Etsy Shop contains some of her award winning work both in photography and collage that is available in print or ACEO card form.

I love learning about the lives and experiences of the artists behind the works that they create. The diversity of their backgrounds never ceases to amaze me, and the information I found in LDphotography's Etsy Profile did not disappoint!

In it, she writes, "I am a psychotherapist who specializes in seeing people with ADHD. My creative outlet is photography and art cards, beading, crocheting and gardening. I have been a photographer for over 20 years. I have had public shows in San Diego and Santa Barbara, California and my photographic prints have won awards over the years."

I am proud as a collector and humbled as an artist to now have this beautiful ACEO from LDphotography in my personal collection of ACEOs.

You can see more of her photography up on Flickr and be sure to check out the jewelry she makes in her other Etsy Shop, Althena12 Jewelry and Crafts.

Tiny Art In Toledo

At a wedding I performed this weekend at one of our local Art Galleries I was speaking with one of the Exhibit and Event Coordinators and was pleasantly surprised to find myself discussing the gallery's recent ATC Exhibit and Trading Event.

Even more surprising was an e-mail I received this afternoon from the Exhibit Coordinator & Consignment Contact. In the e-mail, she included a link to an article in our local newspaper, the Toledo Blade, that was published about their recent event. I was so excited to see the publicity generated about ATCs (even though ACEOs were not covered) that I wanted to share the article with all of you!!

You can find the article here.

Also included in the article (if you click on the slide show icon under the picture of one of the cards) is a slide show of 20 of the artists' cards. She said that the photographer took 1 photo of every artist's work. She doesn't know why there are only 20 on the slide show. Also, the caption under the picture in the main article is wrong - the artist of "Froth" is Jim Rich.

Click here to go directly to the slide show.

While the whole article is a great read, there was one little story that I found particularly interesting. One of the artists stated, "I came across artist trading cards two years ago while visiting the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. I paid a dollar for a token and obtained an original piece of artwork from a vintage cigarette vending machine filled with ATC’s."

How cool is that?!?!

So, anyways, if you have a moment check out the article (and the slide show) and know that even in an "artfully challenged" city like Toledo, Ohio, the Art Card scene is growing in interest and popularity!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

And The Winner Is ... Me!!!

On Monday, September 15, I received a most wonderful and unexpected e-mail from Etsy Artist, bellsakabin, the amazingly talented and ingenious creator of the wildly popular “ACEO Bounty” Challenge. She was writing to inform me that I was the lucky winner of the September Mini Bounty.

What does that mean?

It means that I had won 33 ACEOs from a wide variety of extremely talented Etsy Artists, along with 2 ACEO Mats for framing and 1 cleverly designed ACEO Hanging Display. All in all, not including the shipping costs for these items, my windfall prize was worth $168.43! If you include what would have been the cost for shipping, since I didn't even have to pay for any of that, the overall value of my Mini Bounty Win totals $197.08! That's nearly $200!!!

To be honest, when I first found out about my win, I was feeling more guilty than excited as I have been AWOL from the Bounty Thread on the Etsy Forum for quite some time ... but then I started to think that this event may be a plan enacted by the Universe as a way of jump starting my creative mojo by ensuring that I am surrounded by beautiful and inspiring works from an amazing collection of witty and creatively talented artists!

And really, the timing couldn't be better ... wedding season is slowing down and I should now have some time to work on repaying the Universe by creating some more ACEOs (and Bounty Listings) of my own!! In addition, I will be spreading my Mini Bounty loot around a bit by sharing some of my new acquisitions with some of my friends and family in order to help increase awareness of the fun and beauty of collecting ACEOs!!!

I plan to pay special tribute to all of the Artists who contributed to September's Mini Bounty by sharing the ACEOs here with you as I receive them and also including a bit of information about the Artist(s) that created each one.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to once again say "thank you" to all of the Artists who participated in the September Mini Bounty (and in the greater Bounty Challenge as well) as your artistic vision and generosity have very much helped to get my creative mojo jump started once again!

Hope (aka harvestorm)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Are You Sick As A Dog?

As I sit here surfing the web and the television at the same time I thought I would pop in and ponder on screen about a phrase I just heard someone utter on a channel I surfed by a few moments ago. I heard this character in whatever show it was claim that they were "sick as a dog" and as I continued my simultaneous T.V./Web surfing I began to wonder why it is that we use that phrase.

I know that "dog" has long been used in a negative or bad sense (like in "dog days," "dog tired," etc.), but why do people say "sick as a dog" and just why is dog used in this negative sense? I thought dogs were supposed to be man's best friend?

This just doesn't seem right. Given their devotion to us, I think dogs have gotten a bad reputation. "Dogs of war," "going to the dogs," "hair of the dog that bit you," "dog in the manger" and the like, are hardly compliments to our canine buddies.

"Sick as a dog," which, to me, means "extremely sick," may not be so much a negative expression, I guess, but is maybe meant to be more descriptive in nature.

I would think that anyone who has or knows dogs knows that while they can and often will eat absolutely anything (and I mean anything!), there are times when their diet disagrees with them and the results can be quite dramatic.

Now, while Americans may consider themselves "sick" when they have a bad cold, in Britain that would be called "feeling ill." "Being sick" in Britain usually means "to vomit." (Isn't it amazing what you can remember from reading some book over ten years ago!)

So, to really appreciate the original sense of being "sick as a dog," I think you would have to imagine yourself seated in the (to be said dramatically, in an upper class British accent) parlor having tea with the Vicar on a lovely Sunday afternoon, (switch back to regular voice) when Fido staggers in from a meal of sun-dried woodchuck and expresses his digestive upset all over your heirloom oriental carpet.

So, Here's To Our Health,
(and to the health of our beloved animal companions),

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Milli Vanilli Said To "Blame It On The Rain" But I Know It Was The Karma Monkeys

Now, it has been a while since I have had to address the issue of Karma Monkeys, as they seem to have been playing by the Cosmic Rules of Karma without incident very well for over a year or so now, but this morning’s moldy coffee incident got me thinking about them again.

So, I decided to take this opportunity to introduce the Karma Monkeys to those of you who are not aware of or have not yet acknowledged the existence of these Keepers of the Karmic Balance.

Not wanting to assume that everyone knows about Karma or the concept behind it I will start from the beginning. The following is an excerpt from The Law of Karma:

“In Buddhist teaching, the law of Karma says only this: “for every event that occurs, there will follow another event whose existence was caused by the first and this second event will be pleasant or unpleasant according as its cause was skillful or unskillful.” A skillful event is one that is not accompanied by craving, resistance or delusions; an unskillful event is one that is accompanied by any one of those things. (Events are not skillful in themselves, but are so called only in virtue of the mental events that occur with them.)

“Therefore, the law of Karma teaches that responsibility for unskillful actions is born by the person who commits them.”

So basically, there are consequences for everything that we do. These consequences will be good or bad, kind of like reward and punishment (but I don’t really think of it that way) based not so much on what we do (which many people think Karma is based on) but more so on our personal reasons or “mental events” that occur with these actions, events, behaviors.

So, now that we understand Karma, we can move on to those who enforce, coordinate, and produce the consequences, or the following “event whose existence was caused by the first.” Someone or something must have this responsibility in some sense, right?

Enter the Karma Monkeys.

There are Orange Karma Monkeys (the harbingers of what some would refer to as bad Karma). It is these Orange Karma Monkeys who hold the positions of those who coordinate, create, and enforce the following “event caused by the first” – which in this case would have been an “unskillful event”. On the other side we have the Green Karma Monkeys who coordinate, create, and bestow “good Karma” rewards for the performance of “skilled events”. Now, the Karma Monkeys are lightning quick and highly skilled at remaining undetected on our plane of existence by using skills that allow them to maintain an ever-present “watch” over us that falls far beyond our simple senses and limited detection capabilities. However, their actions, good or bad, provide more than enough evidence of their existence - as was the case this morning.

Right off the bat, the Orange Karma Monkeys made sure I found the moldy coffee remains first thing, meaning to catch me unexpectedly and off guard in a poor attempt at ruining my entire day by starting it off in such a “bad” way. Didn’t work though. (And I swear I threw out that filter last year… it was just the Orange Karma Monkeys that slyly placed the one I found this morning in my coffee pot, hoping to stop my efforts to take the joy out of their other responsibilities - including the management of the distribution of the Daily Dose of Difficulty which, when followed by my usual Feeling of Frustration and Funk-Up-Ed-Ness, gives the Orange Karma Monkeys great pleasure.)

Mind you, there are rules for Karma Monkeys, but there are also loopholes in these rules (just as there are in almost every set of rules or regulations). The Number 1 Rule that regulates the actions of the Karma Monkeys is that (now, I’m not so sure how often it is checked or if it is just at the end of one’s life this time around) an individual’s Karmic Record must be balanced when the Karmic Auditors come to inspect the Karmic Records. So, being the devious, mischievous, and prankster characters that they are, sometimes the Orange Karma Monkeys will throw the Karmic Records out of balance by dumping a load of “bad” Karma somewhere on someone to prove a point, play a joke, to test an individual (which I believe was the case this morning), or just to mess around because they too get tired of the same-old, same-old, day in and day out.

However, in order to maintain the necessary balance the Orange Karma Monkeys must immediately fill out a form 27b/6 (Tell me why and I’ll buy you lunch. I know the answer, I just wonder if you do ... bloody paperwork) to inform the Green Karma Monkeys of the imbalance created. You see, the Green Karma Monkeys are the only ones who can correct or rebalance the Karmic Record, which must be done before the Karmic Auditors come around.

Now, of course, the Green Karma Monkeys (that, in my opinion, exist in greater numbers than the Orange since people are innately good and therefore the Green Karma Monkeys have more work to do) try to prevent the Orange Karma Monkeys from performing any unwarranted action(s) that would require the filling out of a 27b/6, since correcting the imbalance only adds to their already heavy workload from just keeping up with their daily Karmic duties. However, as much as the Green Karma Monkeys try to prevent such things from happening, occasionally the Orange Karma Monkeys are successful in their plans.

(Note that the Green Karma Monkeys do not perform such regulatory violations as they are aware that in order to balance the Karmic Record an individual would have to endure undeserved “bad” Karma via difficulties, negativity, or whatnot from the Orange Karma Monkeys. The Orange Karma Monkeys don’t give much consideration to the “good” Karma they are inadvertently bestowing on an individual when they commit their illegal offenses - they are too wrapped up in the pleasure they receive from their own destructive disorderliness.)

So, while I was a little thrown by the mold-filled coffee filter fiasco, I have gone on to have a good day thus far, and I am looking forward to the action (however small it may be) that will be taken upon the processing of the 27b/6 for this incident. :-)

So, beware! The paranoids (and the Karma Monkeys) are watching you!